According to the report of Estonian Wool industry in 2015, almost 200 tonnes of wool is produced in Estonia, yet 90% discard as waste, that, when burned or buried, creates gas emissions. The local sheep are primarily kept for meat industry and knowledge for developing premium wool for yarn is relatively low.

We make it our mission to bring new life and meaning to local wool.


We believe true sustainability lies in creating a community while building our local economy. Let's bring back the knowledge of how quality textile is grown and made.


All products from Noji have endless lives. After you feel it's time to part with your loved item, we are happy to trade it for a voucher for future purchases. The garments are sorted, repaired and cared for, before released back to the market in Noji Vintage. Those too worn out will get a new life through recycling into new yarn and fabric.

We believe just like in nature - there is no such thing as waste. All of the bits and pieces of our textiles in the manufacturing will be sorted and reused in making new materials.